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    Port of Houston Security Upgrade, GIS Mapping, Phase I

    Port of Houston Security Upgrade, GIS Mapping, Phase I

    Houston, Texas

    Client: Port of Houston | LJA (Prime)
    Project Size: Approximately 15,000 plan records
    Project Value:
    Project Duration:
    Contact Amount: $225,000
    Services: IT and Engineering Support
    Team Members: Rodney Harvey

    Project Description:

    IT driven Homeland Security Project involving developing GIS mapping for key areas of Port of Houston including assets, infrastructure, and other elements. This project involved organizing, validating, scanning in, updating over 10,000 as-built drawings collected in the Port’s library and plans archived room for many years. Thousands of the plans were old blue lines to give a context of condition of historical documents.


    Bradlink team member assessed, validated against other records, inventoried, and documented all hard copies of record documents including plans, specifications, surveys, and photographs over a 8 month period. Team members then managed a SQL data base and entered key project information requested by Prime. All hard copies were electronically scanned, formatted per requirements, assigned proper file name and then uploaded to Prime’s portal for use with data housed in SQL tables. All data was QA/QC’d once entered into data base and worked closely with Prime when developing the initial GIS models and final mapping. Developed GIS maps assisted Port Police, Homeland Security, Coast Guard and other agencies in making sure the Port stays secure and can assist with updated data to address any breaches in security.

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