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    DFW Airport On Call IT Services for ERP

    DFW Airport On Call IT Services for ERP

    DFW Airport, Texas

    Client: DFW International Airport | Faith Group (Prime)
    Contact Amount: $125,000 (1 task order)
    Services: IT Change Management and Training Support

    Project Description:

    DFW Airport ERP System improvements and implementation including multiple modules in Oracle platform.


    Bradlink team members managing DFW Airport ERP System Implementation tasks including mapping of integration and detailed outline obtained from information gathering meetings with various stakeholders, and collaboration with Client Change Lead to begin during activities related to this deliverable. In addition, team member led and facilitated Change Management Strategy: Development of document to describe deliverables and activities required for successful adoption of the ERP SaaS solution and new processes. This includes identification of individuals responsible for the review and approval of the deliverable to ensure the content aligns to Client context and culture. It will also include project success objectives and metrics.

    Also, Bradlink’s team member was instrumental in the Change Management Plan: developing deliverables, activities and tasks required to produce Change Management work products including business process documentation. The Change Management activities are being aligned with timelines the overall project plan and will identify individuals responsible for completing activities and tasks. Team member also developed communication strategy and plan that describes the communication cascade and process, high level activities, and content to build awareness, engagement, and support for the change. Team member involved through training of end client’s IT team and key stakeholders. This phase includes the following specific tasks:

    • Complete the Training Schedule
    • Develop or complete training materials
    • Schedule dry run training sessions to test training materials
    • Conduct dry run training sessions
    • Schedule and conduct Train-the-Trainer session
    • Schedule training delivery sessions
    • Deliver training
    • Revise Communication Schedule
    • Develop communications
    • Deliver communications
    • Plan and schedule debrief and recognition sessions
    • Identify and document role/job changes
    • Identify and document performance management changes.
    • Identify and plan staff allocation activities
    • Complete Ongoing Support Model meetings and activities
    • Prepare materials for meetings (Steering Committee, Change Agent Network, Training Team, etc.)

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