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    METRO Solutions Expansion

    METRO Solutions Expansion

    Redline Houston, Texas

    Client: Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas
    Project Size:
    Project Value: $360,000,000 (overall)
    Project Duration: 2011-2013
    Team Members:

    Project Description:

    Phase 1 of project involved conducting a full end-to-end assessment of backbone fiber and strands only along the Redline to determine condition of strand and availability for creating redundancy supporting expansion. Bradlink key staff scheduled daily meetings with METRO Rail Operating Center for approval, authorized access and to schedule after hours work. Work included all strands end-to-end continuous strands undergoing bi-directional OTDR testing, labeling, and documenting for as-built drawings. Bradlink staff coordinated, scheduled, and managed subcontractors assisting with scope from Rail Yard to end of Red Line. Strands that separated into a case / device were assessed to determine if strand joined back up with backbone.

    Phase 2 – Conducted Bi-directional OTDR test on 10 strands (total) which were found to be unused by METRO, for end to end connectivity and loss. Actual test results and report was given to Prime, Mass Electric.

    Identified acceptable and installed fiber supported communications (CCTV, Public Announcements, etc.) along Red Line 5.3 mile extension and acted as redundancy.

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