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    Port of Houston Restricted Access Controls, Phase II

    Port of Houston Restricted Access Controls, Phase II

    North Turning Basin (Houston, Texas)

    Client: Port of Houston | CDM (Prime)
    Project Size: 7 miles
    Project Value: $12M (overall)
    Contract Amount: $115,000
    Services: Engineering Support, Construction Administration, SWPPP
    Team Members: John Douglas

    Project Description:

    Design and construction of several miles of fiber network, video, CCTV, electrical conduit, system controls, and other infrastructure to assist PHA in meeting Department of Homeland Security requirements. This was Phase II of a multiple phased project.


    Thanks to Bradlink’s extensive understanding of the Port of Houston’s infrastructure and operational procedures, Prime sought their expertise for engineering support services across various stages of the North Turning Basin project. Bradlink played a crucial role in developing comprehensive site plans and drawings encompassing roads, restricted access controls, security systems, fiber-optics, and other essential infrastructure elements. We also efficiently managed all as-built drawings and assisted Prime in finalizing project documentation. Bradlink conducted thorough site condition assessments, reviewed archived plans, and formulated a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) complete with exhibits. Throughout the construction administration phase, we diligently provided regular reports to Prime, ensuring effective project management and communication.

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